I would like to join the club?

In order to join the club, you need to meet one of the following criteria:

a) You must have completed an Archery GB authorised Beginners course in the last two years or

b) Complete a beginners course with this club or another club affiliated to AGB, or

c) You have previously been a member of a AGB club or a direct member of Archery GB, the governing body for archery in the UK, within the last five years.

Do you have spaces on your Beginner Course/Can I join a Beginners Course?

All beginner courses for 2021 are now complete. Please watch the Beginner Course page for future dates.

I am a returning archer/I have not shot for a long time and want to restart, can I join the club?

If you were a member of affiliated Archery GB club within the last 5 years, then we would invite you for an assessment by one of our coaches to determine your skill level/requirements. please click Contact Us form and select returning archer. If longer we would ask that you complete a beginners course.

Are you running Taster Sessions or Have a Go sessions?

The club is still recovering from Covid-19 and the lock downs. At this time, we are not offering these sessions.

I am Archery GB/ World Archery and visiting Nottingham for an extended period and would like to shoot?

In principle, yes.  There are however a number of questions that we would need to ask first. Head to the Contact Us form and select General Enquiry and send us your details.

Can I come down and casually shoot?

No, our insurance, club rules and AGB instructions preclude this.

How old do I need to be to shoot? Can my child shoot?

Please note that  juniors must be at least 10 years old. However, juniors younger than 10 may be considered following an assessment.