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The club prides itself on developing our junior members, they are the future of the club and the sport.

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We offer one on one coaching with highly trained/skilled and experienced coaches that have competed nationally and internationally for their country.



9th June 2019 – Part 2 of the Oregon Challenge

Ollie and Steve and Serena made the Oregon team, Emma was highest unrewarded, Serena also won a Sharp Goblet. All Wilford juniors shooting the American won Oregon Team medals for the Junior Team, Will, Tobias, Eleanor and Mathilde. Will was amazing and also won Highest Junior on the 60yds with a personal best score and also beat most of the men. Isi Dixon did well for her first American round.

Meanwhile at Pilgrim Bowmen in Boston, Georgie and Jav won arrow trophies and Anna was 2nd.

Another good day for Wilford Bowmen