New ground!

At last after months of exploring possibilities, a few set backs and some last minutes hitches (including lots of rain and the transport lorry for the container getting stuck on a boggy field) Wilford Bowmen have relocated to Highfields Sport Ground, next to the Tennis Centre.

Denis shoots the first arrow at Highfields

On 22nd April, in betwen the showers, we held the inaugural club shoot at Highfields. Denis Beresford shot the very first arrows. Denis has been involved in archery in Nottingham for longer than anyone can remember and he is probably the oldest active archer in Nottinghamshire – some say he taught Robin Hood! Denis has been a guiding hand for the club over many years, during which there have been name changes from ROF (1948) to Civil Service archers and then Wilford Bowmen. Denis is still a coach and a Judge, so it was fitting that he mark the opening of our new ground.

The rest of us dodged the raindrops, shot a quick round and went off to find somewhere dry.

Club members at the opening of the new ground.