2nd Nottinghamshire League shoot

The second leg (of three) of the Nottinghamshire League took place yesterday at Sherwood Archers. Despite all the rough, wet weather lately, the conditons were very pleaseant, it was warm, calm and dry with enough sunshine for some archers to go home looking a touch red. Attendance was up slightly on the first event at Rolls Royce at the start of May.

We had a good turn out – Mike Thomason (Compound), Laura White, Matt Robinson, Terry Holden and Steve Attwood (Recurve) and Andy Kay (Judge). Interim club team positions will be available here shortly.

Each year Nottinghamshire take part in a challenge against Sherwood in Oregon. In recent years the teams are selected over the first two legs of the Notts League. Wilford were well represented, with Mike, Laura and Steve being in the respective teams. In addition Laura was just pipped as highest lady overall, having led after the first leg.

More information on the Sherwood Challenge is available here. http://www.sylvanarchers.org/subpages/Nottingham/50thAnivInfo.pdf