Busy Wilford

These pages haven’t been updated much lately because we’ve been so busy.

Mike Thomason was one of the Nottinghamshire team in the Tri County match between Notts, Derbys and Warwickshire on 5th August. Last weekend (12th) Matt, Laura, Nicky, Steve and Mike were the work party (with bacon cobs prepared by Charlotte) AND shot in the third and final leg of the Notts League shoot (which we hosted at Sherwood Archers). Wilford were 1st on the day and joint 1st overall, but 2nd on total score. (Its done on a points basis) Result! In addition Laura, Mike and Steve have been selected to represent Nottinghamshire in the Thoresby Trophy Inter county event (Notts, Lincs, Leics, Derbys, Northants) on 2nd September in Daventry.

On top of that while the Olympics was on a lot of people took part in the Nottingham City Council “Game On” taster sessions. Although the “Game On” promotion got off to a slow start it picked up considerably as time progressed (17 for the last two sessions) and we could have filled the final session twice over. We have been offering an alternate session, but this hasn’t had many takers, mainly due to holidays. In all 53 people took part, some even turned up twice.

Many thanks are due to Mike, Ralph, Denis, Pete, Charlotte and Steve for all their hard work in dealing with this level of interest. We have had many compliments on the sessions. Thanks are also due to Matt for his wonderful posters.

There have been many enquiries about beginners courses from the “Game On” sessions, via our website and the Notts Archery website. Since mid July we have responded to approximately 75 requests for information on beginners courses, with the result that the two courses currently underway were oversubscribed, and there’s enough interest to fill another course later in the year.

After all this hard work, we expect that a good proportion of people from the course will want to join the club. That in itself will will be a challenge and we’ve a long way to go yet, but its all looking very positive for the future of Wilford Bowmen.