Last weekend was busy …

Last Sunday Mimi and Henry were shooting for Notts in the head to head challenge at Derwent Bowmen’s fantastic indoor venue. They both put in good qualifying scores, with Henry having the highest overall score. In the head to head matches Henry was narrowly defeated in the first round, but Mimi went on to win the bronze medal. Well done to both of you.

Also on Sunday Mike T, Mattia, Adam and Steve took part in the “pie and peas” shoot at Bassetlaw Bowmen. A good time was had by all. Steve was third, briefly, until a mistake was noted. As Steve was then out of the medals Mike handed over his raffle prize as a consolation. 

Meanwhile for those just starting out in archery, the main contingent on our late summer beginners course finished their sessions on Saturday afternoon under the guidance of Mike S, Sharon, Sallie and Charlotte. Those that needed a catch up session completed on Sunday afternoon with Mike and Sharon. Mike and Sharon were busy on Sunday morning as well, since they also started a course for a really keen family of four. 

Well done everyone.