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Up and coming appearances

I am happy to announce that the Wilford Bowmen will be appearing at two up an coming events taking place in Wollaton Park.

May 8th and 9th: VE day celebration

We will be running a “Have a Go”  sessions for both Adults and younglings…

And yes, a long bow was used in WWII!

August 5th: Super Hero Picnic

We will be returning for the 3rd consecutive year showing younglings how use a kiddies sucker bow and arrow


Changes to the Website

I have created a new page called Showcase.

This page has been created to highlight some of the many activities and events that the club has been involved in over the last year.

It is my hope that as people visit the site, they will get a real sense of the club’s involvement in both the local community along with national/international arena.

Where possible I have place a link to the associated event.

I have even managed to find the magazine article from United Airlines’ in flight magazine Hemispheres.

If you can think of anymore events/activities that should be listed, please email me.

Thanks, Gary

School camp at the Walled Garden

We are expecting the school camp to be set up on our normal shooting location at the Walled Garden on Sunday (3rd June). The other half of the Walled Garden in its current condition is unfit to shoot on. Consequently, from Sunday morning until mid July we will temporarily relocate to Highfields/Hockey Club. Roping off will be required at Highfields each session and all arrows must be found. (The metal detectors and other items will be moved).
Note that Highfields will not be available while the tennis is on (9th – 17th June) members should be able to shoot with Beeston Rylands or Bramcote during this time.

Results Double 720 – 20th May

In what is our 70th year we ran a very successful shoot on Sunday. The standard of shooting was very high, there was a good attendance with several competitors travelling long distances. What made the event even better was the weather which was warm and sunny with hardly any breeze at all. Thank you to Wilford club members who made the event such a success. We are gratfeul for the support of Bramcote Archery Club, for the loan of extra foam bosses.

The ianseo results listing is here

We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Target list for Sunday’s double WA720

The day draws close, the target list is here. Can you please check your entry and ensure that it is correct, and that we have the correct AGB number.


This link,, will take you to the Nottingham Hockey Club site, which gives the full address of the shooting field and access to google maps so you can plan your journey. There is parking adjacent to the clubhouse for disabled archers, with access to the field across the paved crossing.


The club house will be open from 12 until 2 and will have a selection of hot and cold filled rolls, chips, jacket potatoes, pies and burgers on offer.


The weather forecast for the weekend seems set fair, so we should have a good day, bring your hats and sunscreen.


We look forward to meeting you all soon.

May 7th Robin Hood Event – Follow up

We have had the following message from the NHS charity team.

“Hi Sharon

We’ve counted the total sum of money raised by your collection bucket on Monday. I’m happy to say that your bucket collected £79.63! This money will go to our Big Appeal, which is raising funds for research and enhanced facilities at Nottingham Children’s Hospital.

Thanks again to you and all of the Wilford Bowmen who supported us and helped to raise money for Nottingham Children’s Hospital. You were an real asset to our event, and we were so proud to have you there.

Have a lovely weekend!

Best wishes


So along with the £129 from the Have A Go in the walled garden, the club has donated £208.63.

Again, thank you to everyone that took part.