Last Sunday’s frostbite

Last Sunday saw the club hold the first of this winter’s frostbite matches as part of the Winter League where we shoot 3 dozen arrows at a small (80cm target face) at 30 metres. The scores are then put in descending order and used to make up four teams of three archers. Once the teams are worked out the results get emailed to our opponents for the month. It was appropriately named as there was a good frost on the ground when we arrived and temperature wise it was probably one of the coldest days so far. 

Despite the cold there were 30 archers shooting on the day (a record in itself), including many of our newest members, and there were some good scores submitted.

Following a suggestion from Laura, afterwards quite a few of us adjourned to the Wheelhouse just opposite the ground where we took over a corner of the pub, partly in an attempt to get warm but also to socialise. I’ve never seen so many people drinking coffee or hot chocolate in a pub, and Mark didn’t want to move away from the radiator 🙂 Great idea and one that will be repeated.