Christmas pudding shoot and 2nd monthly frostbite 

Last Sunday there were 31 members of all ages shooting the second monthly frostbite shoot (3 dozen arrows at 30m, 80cm face). This means that we had plenty of scores to make up the teams for the winter league shoot that we have entered.

Of course the large turnout might also have had something to do with the opportunity to win a Christmas pudding. Instead of working on just the score for the 3 dozen arrows, Sharon came up with the devious idea of awarding the pudding to the person with the highest reverse score (i.e. an actual score of 123 would become
321). This produced some interesting results, with archers working out what they needed to score with the last three arrows, in order to have an actual score ending in 9.

One of the compound archers finished with 299 (992), the highest practical reverse score for the frostbite, but this was deemed too easy, another archer stopped shooting once he had got to 199 (991), which was deemed a little unsporting. In the end, Emma and Kevin tied on 289 (982), but it turns out that Emma doesn’t like Christmas pudding, so Kevin was the proud recipient. Eleanor was unanimously judged to have the best Christmas hat.

Members also brought along a fantastic spread of food, both savoury and sweet, most of which was homemade. Very little was left. Yum

A good time was had by all.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.